Sweet Pea Caterers and Cakes is a fast growing confectionery and culinary company that creates appetizing delicacies such as Crafted Cakes for all occasion, Finger foods, Cocktails, Desserts, Nigerian meals, Chinese and Continental cuisine.

We also offer training services, teaching housewives, undergraduates, postgraduates, teenagers, those seeking job opportunities in the catering industry and also those planning to start out a catering business amongst other, how to bake cakes and pastries, cook meals, and how to make a variety of catering products.

We are currently recruiting to fiil  the positions below. To apply, please forward a copy of your resume and cover letter to

  • Culinary Instructors

Job Description:

A Culinary Instructor is responsible for developing lessons that follow the School’s set curriculum. Classes should be meaningful and interactive so that students may both observe and gain hands-on experience to become chefs and food service professional.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Teach culinary classes according to course curriculum.
  • Provide professional guidance to students when needed.
  • Develop creative instructional methods to engage students in learning process.
  • Develop daily lesson plans and instructional plans to meet course competency.
  • Evaluate each student’s academic performance and provide feedback appropriately.
  • Attend trainings and workshops for professional and skill development.
  • Ensure that students follow disciplinary and behavioral standards in the school premises.
  • Develop cohesive, safe and positive learning environment for students.
  • Provide support in student admission and retention processes.
  • Attend staff meetings and communicate budget needs to management.
  • Attend orientations, graduations and other student and school events.
  • At least an OND in any recognized discipline
  • Atleast 2 years experience in a confectionery/culinary position or a relevant discipline
  • Good teamwork skills
  • Great communication skills
  • Good comprehension of Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Catering/Office Assistants

Job Description:
Job Responsibilities:

  • Admin Officer

Job Description:
Job Responsibilities: