Corporate & Event Catering


Breakfast N2000/guest

  • Club sandwich w/ Tea/Coffee/Choco
  • Meat pie + Bread roll w/ Tea/Coffee/Choco
  • Pancake + Coleslaw w/ Chapman/Juice
  • Small chops w/ Chapman/Juice

Lunch N2,500/guest

  • Jollof rice and Fried rice w/ Beef and Chicken
  • Semo or Wheat or Eba w/ Efo riro or Ofe Onugbu or Afang w/ Beef and Chicken
  • Yam pottage or Beans pottage or Ikokore w/ Beef and Chicken
  • Ewa agoyin w/ Yam or Dodo

Dinner N2,500/guest


  • Coconut rice
  • Chinese rice
  • Lo mein (Chinese noodles)


  • Chicken curry sauce
  • Shredded beef in Green pepper sauce
  • Brown sauce
  • Kung pao chicken sauce
  • Orange chicken sauce

3-course Meal N7,000/guest

Buffet Lineup N3,500/guest