Culinary School: Learn a catering skill

Sweet Pea Culinary School provides quality, comprehensive and in-depth catering training for everyone and when we say everyone, we mean everybody…

Always had a passion for whipping up good food that you never quite sharpened and you’re ready to go back to school?

You want to learn a culinary skill to eat better and improve yourself for personal development?

Looking to establish a catering outfit to make good income for yourself and provide employment for many others?

Already in the culinary field and you want to upgrade your skills?… There’s an applicable course for everybody!

Learn a catering skill at our culinary school. Training on Cake baking & designing, Pastry, Small chops, Cocktail, Dessert, Nigerian and Continental cuisine and more are on now. Fill the form for more information.

Grouped Courses

Take any of our unique combination of courses designed to give you the upper hand in a specific culinary field.

  • Full Cake Course:

(Duration – 4 weeks, Mon – Fri) / N100,000

Cake Baking & Cake Designing

  • Confectionery Course:

(Duration – 4 weeks, Mon – Fri) / N100,000

Pastry, Small Chops & Cocktail Drinks

  • Cooking Course:

(Duration – 4 weeks, Mon – Fri) / N100,000

Africana Meals & Chinese Cuisine

  • Combined Course for Beginners:

(Duration – 4 weeks, Mon – Fri) / N100,000

Cake Baking, Cake Designing, Pastries, Small Chops & Africana Meals

  • Chef Course:

(Duration – 6 months, Mon – Fri) / N600,000

Cake Baking, Cake Designing, Desserts, Sugarcraft, Pastries, Small Chops, Cocktail Drinks, Special Treats, Africana Meals, Chinese Cuisine

Single Courses

Learn how to bake different types of delicious cakes

Duration – 2 weeks, (Mon – Fri) / N52,000

Learn to decorate cakes with buttercream, fondant and whipped cream

Duration – 2 weeks, (Mon – Fri) / N52,000

Learn how to make 15 types of scrumptious chops and finger foods

Duration – 1 week, (Mon – Fri) / N42,000

Learn how to make 15 types of tasty and crunchy snacks

Duration – 1 week, (Mon – Fri) / N47,000

Learn how to mix 15 types of refreshing cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes

Duration – 1 week, (Mon – Fri) / N42,000

Street foods and grub have never been so appetizing; your favs are here!

Duration – 1 week, (Mon – Fri) / N47,000

Take your skills to the next level with mouthwatering desserts. So many to choose from!


Become a pro cake decorator with more complex design techniques

Duration – 3 week, (Mon – Fri) / N62,000

Perfect your cooking skills and make a variety of Nigerian soups and dishes

Duration – 3 week, (Mon – Fri) / N72,000

Want to cook like a pro? Learn how to make Chinese sauces and sides

Duration – 2 week, (Mon – Fri) / N82,000

Benefits: some of the advantages of taking your culinary training with us include but is not limited to

  • Practical, interactive, training classes
  • Detailed, explanatory training workbook provided with all recipes and procedures
  • Project-based certification
  • Free business model and strategy classes
  • Free food product analysis and costing classes
  • Free 1 year, after-training consultation for all alumnae
  • You have fun and even make money while still in training!

Duration: Classes are usually Monday – Friday as we believe learning and practice should be continuous to be meaningful and impactful.

  • Grouped classes hold in the morning from 9am – 1pm
  • Single classes hold in the afternoon from 2pm – 5pm

Certificate will be issued only on completion of course project, graduation requirement and payment of certificate fee. Certificate fee is N5,000 per certificate

– Management

rated 4-stars Learnt stuffs I wasn’t able to do. Sweetpea is a good culinary school and I love sweet pea red velvet cake

Ginika O.

A fantastic place to be!� .Learning was fun,instructors are detailed�.Am greatly impressed and motivated��

Seun O.